Monday, April 15, 2013


Hajat hati pagi ni nak siapkan laporan PBS nak submit khamis ni, tapi tengok-tengok ke jugak aku menapak. hahaha

Topic: Hidden talent

Fitrah manusia boleh dikatakan semua individu dilahirkan secara berasingan, xda yang keluar sekaligus la kan, hehe, most probably, each and single person have their own hidden talents or specialty.

For some of the reasons, kat dunia yang tak adil ni, ada jenis orang yang sangat berbakat dalam bidang musik, dalam bidang photography, study and academics, sports, games and many more. Ada yang mereka-II ni tak perlu bersusah payah nak study in order to get certain amount of greds in the exam. Main dota hampir separuh gila still dapat CGPA 4.0 mengikut pengalaman aku masa study kat UIA dlu.

and for 90% of people like us yang tak ada unborn talent macam tu, we need to work hard to strive. Bak kata pepatah melayu, yang bulat tak datang bergolek-II. and for some, they tried so hard untill they forget the meaning of life. ada yang menindas in order to be on the top, ada yang individualistik dan ada yang materialistik, bukan bermaksud nak duit saja tapi... pernah x dengar ayat ni...''buat something untuk dapat markah lebih,?? hehehe''

i noe it is a strategy, it is how humans in modern civilization are trying to survive in this rancah kehidupan, tapi isnt life is more than what is on the paper?

for me,
life is a journey of learning, acquiring and appreciating
what to learn? everything! learn how to cook, learn how to play, learn how to study, learn how to adapt, learn how to effectively communicate, that is a way of learning.

what to acquire? everything! acquire new things you have never had, acquire experiences, acquire the things you desire, acquire self respect, acquire people's respect and trust, that is my way of acquiring.

lastly, what to appreciate? everything! appreciate the knowledge you gained, appreciate the friends you have, appreciate the body Allah has given you, appreciate the other creatures that lives among you.. that is MY way of appreciating.

in the process of life, we must work hard to get what we want, but dont be too full of yourselves. working hard is only part of it, you must have love, empathy, faith and some time to relax as well, All work makes Jack a dull boy you know? hehe

footnote: sometimes feel irritated by the way people are adapting, acting like angels to gain more attention from the others, being hypocrite is not one good example of a student. but who know? maybe im wrong.


  1. my expression when reading this is: wha??? apa nie ngah?? haha