Sunday, April 7, 2013

#357 Goodluck BIG :)

Hari ni 8 April 2013, Isnin

Selalunya ramai orang yang tak suka dengan hari Isnin ni..kenapa? sebab Monday is the start of the work days la bro. Tapi today is different. The second batch of PISMP studnets went out for Bina Insan Guru.

Emptiness i found whenever i looked down the hallway in front of boys dorm, the usual hallway where She with the capital S walk by almost every single day, and today is just aint one. Maybe its just me, 3-4 days I have left IPDA for Big, no one ever gives a shit, but this time i felt ''empty''.

Laughter is the only thing i can do to cover the misery in my heart. Although me and Her have nothing going on but my stalker instinct are conflicting with my rational thinking.

Some might say im a total nuts, gila bayang or something similar to that, but I call it the Silent love la bro.haha, how in the world an ustazah can fall for me, a typical Malay boy? friends keep saying,.. ustazah pon ada perasaan, but its like heaven and hell la bro :D

Faintly laughing,

bt, I am totally in great fear.Why?

I used to fall in love soo deeply with a friend of mine, when declared as couples, then clashed because of triffles, me and the girl had lost contact like forever.

The pain is when you love someone so hard, but it gets greater when you try to let it go.

Enough explaining myself,.. 

footnote: This is not love, this is a not special feeling. i am not trustworthy to have your heart, even in few months I will not remember about you and will not be loyal to you. im not for you, You are terribly perfect.

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