Saturday, April 6, 2013

#356 The Black Angel

Sebenarnya, nilah buku yang aku tengah baca buat masa sekarang. aku beli buku ni secondhand, harga sepuluh ringgit ja kat kedai buku terpakai kat Komtar. haha, terkejut gakla tengok ada novel John Connolly kat situ, so aku beli je trus.

tengok2 buku ni kehilangan page 1-13..haha hampeh btui, naseb baikla ada internet, bolehla aku search page 1-13 tu.


apa yang aku minat pasal buku ni adalah background dia dan language yang dia pakai kot. background story dia is more to detective and dark society, kalau anda peminat Dan Brown punya novel, i reccommend you guys to read this novel.

dark society, in this novel there is one small cult/ small group of people called the black angel, the person who posseses the card with the group logo on top of shall be given full assistance in anyway by the members. so in one of my favourite parte was the mother who is finding her daughter, Alice, who was an escaped porstitute in New York, possesed the card and went to search for the child. the story expands from there.

if compared to dan brown's artwork, dan brown mostly writes about Mason's and Templars (both are in the same cult if im not mistaken) and the story is mostly about exploring the secrets and hidden messages from the Mason's. As he wrote in the novel, Masons love their secrets. all five of the novels, angels and demons, davinci code, digital fortress, lost symbols, and deception(??) point are all about masonry. if you are a fan of secrets and Masonry, read them,!

language, i think both novels are using the simple english. However, there were times where jargons were used in describing different events. so even you are not Tesl students, you also can enjoy reading these novels. :D

How i fall in love in reading novels?

+ive never liked reading, neither studying,
+however, when i start to study about english, im just curious of how these authors use english in a proper way.
+so i start small, take up any kind of novel from the store and finish one.
+my first english novel was The Donor.. it was an interesting family oriented story, but it doesn't satisfy my hunger for knowledge.
+i brought the ''Nonstradamus Prophecies,'' and the ''Shift'' prefably because i was common with the name of nonstradamus and ''heroes'' television series :D both ended up suck balls and waste of the money
+ check the internet to find more stories, and finally caught up with dan brown.
+masonry eventhough it was like 2006, i enjoy reading about detective and secret societies. it might not just give me entertainment, but after reading them i can discuss about it with few of my classmates.
+then the black angel promisses to give me the same background of the story written by brown.

amzar like science fiction stories,and fantasies?
most girls in my class reads female authors books,...
some of them reads malay writers books,,....-.-

well im surrounded by bookworms here,..ROFLLOLLMAO!!~

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