Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 2

Day 2

So on this day, was my second time meeting with the girl ive been interested into. Not really an official meeting or a ''real'' interaction, but atleast i learned something very important about her that night. It was a ''Malam Puisi Bahasa Malaysia'' kot, i cannot seem to remember.

That day i brought my camera to take pictures around the event, you know, if the event is boring at least i have something to keep myself busy. as i was going down the stairs in the Zaaba Hall, i found a cute brown handphone pouch on the floor, with a blue flower knitted onto it. i asked around if the pouch belongs to anyone nearby.

''oh ni pengerusi majlis punya kot.'' said a senior of mine. he took it and gave it to the MC. Guess who is teh MC for that event. The girl.

''A**'' okay, her name is A.

ps:/best for me to keep her real name a secret for now...hehe

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