Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 1

This journal thingy i wrote them in my private book, now i just want to share it maybe if there is someone interested to read them. It is about how i met A( bukan nama sebenar), not for educational purposes, nor sexuality or publication, so words and spelling will sometimes be messed up and mixed up with some BM and some words that does not yet existed. TQ

Day 1

I remember that day i was in a hurry. I was half running half walking to the library because one of my reference book was due because being ''hidden'' by a friend of mine and yes, because it was registered under my name so, i have to pay the fine.

I was all sweaty and stuff then come two girls( whom i didn;t know who, and where they came from) approaching me, asking me to fill a survey of theirs about my favouritee sport shoes. One of the girls, well caught my attention.


Then, I started to wonder whos that girl is.Probably in the same batch as mine.


  1. omg, a bitch caught your attention? lol XD

  2. XD ''whenever you dont know how to end a sentence, end it with bitch.''

  3. i happened to read this entry.LOL

    1. haha no secret anywhere so everyone welcomed here :D