Friday, December 2, 2011

celebrities born the same year as me

as i go through the internet,
i just have this curiosity of knowing which celebrity have the same birth year as me.

there are lots of them but i will put 3 of my favourites (^^,)

3.Ann So-Hee(Wonder Girls)

June 27, 1992

suprised to know she is actually just my age..xD i thought she is must be  like in 93 or something..xD

2.Kim Hyun Ah

 June 6, 1992

hyuna..she actually a former member of WG..>< only now i know..''==,different character than SoHee,but only few days different..
1.Selena Gomez!!!

July 22, 1992

aha,this girl..>< love u like a love song and wizards of waverly place,actor and singer..she looks..childish xD
but well she is just my age..

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