Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes i just want to say ''Im Sorry''


have u been through hard times when u realize ur mistakes but at that time
you just cannot apologize?

this thing well only costs me around RM300 (second hand)

it was that time when my 50mm 1.8D lens arrived..
well it is a bit hard for me to tell u guys the stuff happend before so i go straight to the ampang point ok?

this guy..
actually playing around with my lens here..

i was like..

wth man dont play with that thing lar woih..

i said that, the lens is priced more than the camera he owns..


sorry dude..

i realize i should never said that
never to a friend..!

i really hope he could forgive me..if he ever read my blog lar hehehe

sorry man, i was too tight up that time man..that lens costs me plenty of bucks, if it breaks im in trouble man..
sorry for saying that to you..=)


  1. nice, bro! u already have dslr! :D

  2. haha only the lens la bro..the body price raise up so i still not enuff money to buy it first place.:(