Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something i want to get off my chest


yeay i got a new phone today..^_^
i just bought myself a new Samsung Galaxy Ace..

what? too niffty? LOL

my old Sony Ericcsson Aino is having somee shutter problem...
the pictures taken will have some focus issues..
the shutter button have ''tenggelam..'' and 

well its been a year and half since weve been together
so its time to say buhbye Aino and hullo Galaxy Ace^^


so here is the thing
ive used my saving to buy that thing..
the phone costs RM799.

after 6 months of collecting ive got myself RM2.4k(cukup2 nak angkat d90 dengan lens 50mm1.8d)
pada mulanya!!

but well ive bought that lens first..

because the seller want the money urgently or he sells it to other person! damn u seller..

remaining rm2.1k

after that,...well i got caught up..
the price of the d90 body got increased to 
rm2.4k (body only) what the shit..

the reason..

sebab sana itu beijing sudah banjir.. stok tak buleh sampai sini..semua stok sekarang sudah terhad,..sebab tu
semua kedai kasi naik sikit harga..

huh..i dont believe a single thing..

so i bought that Samsung Galaxy Ace..hahahahahahahaha..

need to wait for few months to recollect the money...and for the price to decrease,,..hopefully by early next year..=)