Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camera is not everything


are you a DSLR fan?
yup that

big and bulky overpriced piece of mechanical which we use for taking pictures and all?

for some reason it have been a phenomenon here in Malaysia.

cz u luk PRO dude.. u look like a mudafakin PHOTOGRAPHER..

well dude, this kind of thing sometimes irritates someone near u.
for some reasons, these peeps feels that u are something like a SHOW OFF..

dah ada kamera belagak la konon..

ingat hang ada kamera besaq aku takut ar?

kan kalau ada d90 kan lagi elok..

this things all are rubbish talk u know..
if u learn photo editting,
having a DSLR is just a bonus.

u can snap beautiful pictures even without them.
PNS,phone cam...toy cam,lomo,polaroid..
all have that different specialities.

i still remember one man said that,

''cooking and photography is just the same, if the dish is good and tasty doesnt mean that the cook have a better kitchen..''

so bare in mind people, its not because of the camera,its the guy behind the camera.

NOOB camera+NOOB user= acceptable
NOOB camera+ PRO user= better
PRO camera + NOOB user= useless
PRO camera +PRO user= priceless.

ps: the post sounds like im jelous..haha kfinethxbye!