Wednesday, January 27, 2010

who would reject 18000000 us dollars??

i just surfing around the internet and logging in my ym..
then got this really FUNNY spam email,

one of it even offers me a DEAD MAN MONEY..XD

dont believe me?
they offer 18,000,000 us Dollars in total..

blah..blah..try read them


he offers me to PRETEND to be the NEXT KIN,
so WE could well...claimed the money of that UNFORTUNATE DEAD MAN
from the bank..

this guy name is BEN KUTE(cant be cuter is it?)

u think i supposed to believe u KUTE??XD
that guy died and u want to add some more??XD

sorry KUTE..cnt believe in u,
if someone did..he/she must be CRAZY..

the last secret
sorry,the banks should know people like u..

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