Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Junior Lee Donghae

Lee Donghae, (born on October 15, 1986), he is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior and the youngest of his family. He successfully signed a contract with SM ENtertainment as soon as he won first place on the 3rd SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance in 2001. He was recruited into a five-member band called O-Kay, along with Leeteuk before the idea was dropped.

Since his debut, Donghae has made several appearances in variety shows such as Mystery 6, Full House, Exploration of the Human Body, Love Letter, X-Man, and KBS's Star Golden Bell. He also guest stars in other music videos such as BoA's "Key of Heart". He also performs in several commercials.

Donghae Tidbits:
* He likes motherly, calm, and comfortable girls.
* His first love was older than him and they broke up because of age difference.

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  1. donghae!! *hae means sea*
    sbb tu nickname dia fishy :D