Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Junior Kim Heechul

Kim Heechul, (born on July 10, 1983), is the second oldest member of SuJu. He is known as Cinderella by his game character, and they often refer to him as Heenim, and also "Flower". Likewise, Heechul calls his fans, "Petals".

Before their debut, Heechul was casted along with Hero Jaejoong, Yunho, and Kangin in a small project music group called Four Seasons but the group was never able to debut when Hero Jaejoong and Yunho were chosen to join DongBangShinKi, which debuted in December 2003. Afterwhich, the remaining two, were placed in Super Junior. He also made several contributions to Super Junior's lyrics.

Cinderella Tidbits:
* He had once entered the men's comfort room only to be yelled at because they thought he was a girl.
* He has used the girl's comfort room on one occassion because of aforementioned.
* Is close friends with Ivy of whom he contacts on occasion through mobile.

* Heechul's first kiss was when he was watching Lion King. He wasn't even aware of it because it was the scene when Mufasa died and he was too absorbed in the movie.

* Heechul firmly states that he is 100% male despite his antics and admits to feeling lonely that most of his personal life is taken away after he became a celebrity. He is currently looking for a girlfriend.

* When Yunho was hospitalized because of an anti-fan's prank, of which the perpetrator pretended to be a fan and handed Yunho a drink when it was actually doused with glue, Heechul received several criticisms from anti-fans for posting a comment defending Yunho and lashing out at his attacker in his Cyworld mini-hompy.

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