Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Junior Hangeng

Hangeng, (born on February 9, 1984), His family name is Han. Because most Koreans have a hard time pronouncing the "Geng" of his name, they refer to him Hankyung, instead. He is the only Chinese member of Super Junior and is the first foreign artist to break into the Korean music industry.

He is known for his dancing skills, particularly skillful in Chinese traditional dances from the 56 minority Chinese ethnic groups. He is seen as one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior and an important figure to continue the Korean wave in China. Hangeng was also a torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, being the first boyband member to be chosen in history.

Hankyung Tidbits:
* His idol is Andy Lau. He also admires Wang Lee Hong and Jang Dong-gun.
* The length of his legs are 12cm longer than the length of his body.
* He likes girls who respect their parents and hopes that she will respect his parents as well.
* He gets homesick on occasion and during variety shows, he often greets his parents on air.
* Very bad at Korean word games. When unable to answer, he would often have a blank look on his face then suddenly start raving in random Chinese in turn making every Korean present have blank looks on their faces too. He jokingly points out that maybe the producers start to get frustrated with him because it happens often.

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