Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Junior Eun Hyuk

Eunhyuk, (born on April 4, 1986), his birth name is Lee HyukJae. He changed his name to Eunhyuk because another celebrity Lee HyukJae, is a famous comedian who shares the same name. He showcases his talents mostly in rap and dance moves and is often performing solo dances in live performances and music videos.

He actively writes rap lyrics for Super Junior's albums and is one of the lead dancers and choreographers for group dances.

Hyukie Tidbits:
* Eunhyuk means "Jewel".
* He is childhood friends with Xiah Junsu.
* Ideal girl is someone who is small and cute who he will want to protect.
* He is reportedly the only Suju member to ever openly declare that he is interested in an international marriage.

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