Monday, January 25, 2010

MorningMusume:Asami Konno

Asami Konno

Name: Asami Konno
Birthdate: 05/07/87
Sign: Taurus
Bloodtype: B
Height: 5 feet
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Hobbies: Excercising, Shopping and talking
Favorite Sport: Sports!?
Currently watching: Calories...I'm on a diet!
Favorite words: [honki] or serious; infinity; never
Want's to go to: Bahamas, Italy
Favorite Xmas song: T.M.Revolution's [Burnin' Xmas]
Favorite Color: White and pink
Favorite Foods: Cheese, sushi, meat, lazagna
Disliked Foods: Curry, strawberries, melon
Favorite Seasons: Summer and Winter

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