Friday, January 22, 2010

::Love::R U READY??

valentine's day is coming
i dun really care bout it actually
i just being
when seeing people are olready having
so-called SOULMATES!!

haha,im trying not to be sarcastic
but really
it GOOD to have someone to hang out with..
have someone to FLIRT with
have someone to EXPRESS urself with..
wait a sec..

am i out of my mind??

for a moment,
i would LOBBVE to have someone beside me now..
wonder how things would be when smeone truely care bout u..
someone,not from yr house nor ur family..
waiting for u..
waiting for ur ATTENTION
waiting to LAYAN UR KARENAH..
waiting to..
touch,or just to STARE at u for a day..

i would wonder,
if there is someone WILLING to do that to me..
i would,..
try to LOVE her with all my heart
i would
try to be the BEST for her..
i would,..
try to be JUST WITH HER ONLY..
i would be,
CRAZY withOUT her..

may that feeling one time will COME..

...sorry for bad english..


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