Sunday, January 31, 2010

choosing the RIGHT blog template

i want to find one for my blog,
all i got was ORIGINATED from blogger itself,
i oftenly saw a lot of other BLOGGERS using far-more-greater-designed blog template and i really want them too!
ive been searching mR Google,
and i found these steps in choosing the right blog template for u.

1.Find template that use less graphicos:yeah,im sick of having one template as having graphics and slows my PC..

2.Choose a template using less javascript:guess,this is related to no 1

3.AVOID flash templates:i know u guys are creative but its getting on my nerves..><"

4.Look for templates using external CSS:as it says that,dont use so-HTML-based templates coz it ruins ur rep in search engine...or what people call the SEO..whatever

5.Choose a template wth easier navigation features:yeah,sometimes got template that really MESSY..choosing is really hard,but yet if u find one,STICK TO IT.XD

1 comment:

  1. lovely, i just added tons of another emo backgrounds 4 my blog