Sunday, October 11, 2009

Malaysian Movies and Japanese Movies

Moshi moshi!!
Let me start with a big GRINN to brighten up this blogsite...

Based on the tittle given above,I would like to write on my opinion of my country movies and my favourite Japanese movies(fyi this is according on my opinion...!!)
Let me see,I want to say that all the points that will be elaborated is based on my opinion so I would like to beg for apology if anyone reading this will have heart ache..(lol)
  1. Let me start to compare.Firstly,Malaysian Movies are some how..POINTLESS!!Why do I say so?Lets take a look at one of the movie here..Waris Jari Hantu(u guys already have the idea if u guys have watched this i can say..MOOOVIE..),this movie SUPPOSED to be a horror movie but it come out to be a NONE-sense film in the end when the She-male so called a dude becomes a tiger....WTH!
  2. This movie Ill compare to KOMA AMOK from japan.Wow..these movies are very..very different.For the first time im watching KOMA AMOK i dont really understand..however,I still know that it is a horror movie...=].I can say!This is the real horror movie!The Japanese have their own style on presenting and making their ghosts and it really works!!This makes the audience feels eager to know whats going to happen next.!!EXTRAVAGANT!!
  3. Next,Malaysia try to have our own Superhero!(so called CICAKMAN),this is the second actually,after the first one (i forgot the name coz it sucks balls),FAILED.This CICAKMAN original idea from these guys from KRU group really a great effort and in the standard level with other superhero too(well,eventually the other superhero is not a comedian...)CGI tricks and 3D styles put this movie on the top and give a brighter future to Lembaga Perfileman Malaysia...
  4. In Japan!they got a lot of super heroes!!(Ican say!!alooooooott!!),start with a SuperSentai series,Kamen Rider,and Ultraman(theres a lot! but these are the one that is famous)However,these franchaise of super heroes drama actually (Killing me)because some of the series I watched as in Super Sentai is repeating it self!!!BOORINGG..(guess that the director have no more new ideas indeed...)
  5. Lastly,LOVE STORY.The most important story for those who are in love(duhh..why do i wrote that for!)The point is,both the Malaysian and Japanese love story have their own way of presentating!I love the movie CINTA from Malaysia.this includes all the way of our living in Malaysia.Moreover,the movie also makes all the cast to be interrelated to each other..Thats good!!!(for me)
  6. On the other hand,Jpanese love story like TOKYO FRIENDS is my favourite!why?because the drama is about these two people who influenced by music and they worked together to gain fame and glory!!The drama consists of romantic musics and the camera shots are FABULOUS!!
As for the conclusion,Malaysian movies can do better if there is an effort from the Penggiat Seni around Malaysia..I would like to watch more movies from Malaysia and I support u guys in any ways!!!Thank You!!

Malaysian Movies:

2.waris jari hantu


Japanese Movies:

1.Super sentai(kamen rider decade vs shinkenger)

2.koma friends

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